chapter 20; God created me with love.

05 September 2013

all praises to Allah


alhamdulillah for everything i have right now. family, friends, relatives, boyfriend (yeaps hehe), and stuffs that i cant tell.

so yesterday i received a message from politeknik. they said congratulation & i was like "why? am i in any competition & i won something oi?". they ask me to go to their website to see the result. what result? rayuan. hehe.

seriously since the day i buat rayuan tu, i didn't think about the possibilities to get into this poli pun. long story short, i didn't think about it. buat taktau macam takda apa tenenenene~

so i checked. alhamdulillah. i got an offer to continue my study at PTSS. alhamdulillah im happy. i miss the feeling of being a student. how busy my life will be with all the assignment, test, study & ect.

so i'll start study by the end of this year, inshaAllah. i cant wait.

that's all. take care everyone. xoxo

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