chapter 20; God created me with love.

26 August 2013

the reasons


even its hard to let go the people who used to be with us but sometimes we have to let them go. its good for them & might be for us.

now, i'm deleting people who used to be with me but now they're just a person i used to knew. yes even its hard but sometimes we have to be heartless.

i'm not saying that was such a easy things to do but do we have an options? let them go or we stay in this situation which is hurt us so much? i rather choose to stay in this way, not letting people in easily & be heartless.

i'm sorry. i think i'm changed. i'm not a type a person i used to be, who cared too much, love too much & easily forgive people who hurt me.

by having this new soul, this new version of me, i wanna be happy. i have to forget those people who don't appreciate me & forget me too.

people asked me why the hell i'm being like this--
there's one answer, i used to this.
people come & go, so be prepare.

don't expect too much from them. they will leave when they get boring with us.

start a new day with a new smile, will you? (:

so, good night moon. have a nice day ahead.

*deleting memories between me & them* DONE!

thanks for these girls who made my day lately. i miss my nado, nisak, tasah, wani so much. 

so keep smiling no matter what! everything happen, i bet it happens for a reason. hehe bye humans! (:

/counting days till the walking dead season 4/

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