chapter 20; God created me with love.

03 November 2011

Tradisional music is cool man! #yeah?


Good morning guys!!! <-- oh please Atyn, don't act too excited. It's 12.16am. Not 7.00am. Hihi.

So, I just wanna post a quick entry tonight, but i'm still running out of ideas. Definitely suck. Hahaha.

Okay, tomorrow night is an important night for abah and his gang. It's gendang gang. What a suck-ass name ever! Hahaha. No, it's called Persatuan Seni Silat & Gendang Peribumi. It sounds kinda awesome right? Yes sure its awesome.

If you want to see some performances from them, you can search it on Youtube, atau kat bawah ni nanti aku bagi link. Otteh? But it's kinda jerk dia punya videos sebab guna phone abah. Samsung Galaxy tu memang teruk function for cameras & videos of course. But you can watch it on your lappy sebab aku guna lappy macam okay sikit, maybe faktor monitor lappy agak canggih. I think so.

Sorry for the lowest quality ever! 

#Support our tradisional music okay? 

Much love, Atyn.

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