chapter 20; God created me with love.

01 November 2011

School, bad news.


For sure i'm really sad to leave that school. Leave all the teachers, lame canteen, great hall, cool library, bad toilets, the laboratory, awesome fields, counseling's room, and of course my cool class ever. Seriously i'll miss all these stuff.

Sad to think that we all just have another few days to wake up early in the morning, yawn on the afternoon, and feel happy when the last bell's ringing. LOL.

Never mind, i'll used to it after get the hell out of that school. Damn i'm so rude. Hihi.

Abah told me just now that we're going to Ipoh for pick up Along right there on Friday's night. Err aku pun taktau nak percaya ke tidak.

Tadi aku dengan abah pi rumah jiran kami yang dilanda taufan kelmarin. Its really bad. Sedih gila. Nasib baik ada bantuan, alhamdulilah for that.

Here some photos,

By the way, i really sad to think about Bangkok now. 


Let's pray for them baby! Bye. 

#Sorry if I had a bad language, i just keep trying to post an entry in English. 

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