chapter 20; God created me with love.

30 January 2014

2014 seems great!


alhamdulillah for everything. thanks Allah for all opportunity You give to me. i feel blessed. i feel alive.

i was being so down back then when dadsie not allowed me to work in Penang. i was hopeless. i dont have any back up plan but now Allah shows that every single things have their own hikmah.

okay pardon me english. kikikiki ((gelak apakah?))

so, i went to this interview, in Jitra meh. as a clinic assistant. and with my faith in Allah, i got that job. syukur alhamdulillah. so i will start on next Monday, 3rd of February.

dear 2014, please slow down. chill lah nak kalut pi mana? perasan tak sat ja masuk bulan 2 dah.

oh ya, last but not least, this saturday & sunday pikah once again hire me to be her photographer for her wedding. i am so nervous because this is my first job for wedding. a big things okay!! hehe.

that's all. take care guys & gong xi fa cai!

oh god i really miss the suasana of kerja dekat b-save stationery dulu, musim raya cina jugaklah. dapat bos bos chinese yg baik hati. alahai i miss them so much. miss sheira & ting ting. aiya. rindu suasana perang dengan bos suruh buka lagu lain sebab asyik buka lagu raya cina ja. ahahaha.

okay bye! (: xo

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