chapter 20; God created me with love.

20 July 2013

true love?


salam ramadan kesebelas!

tadi baca maria elena punya blog & dia buat cerpen yg bagi aku memang boleh nangis kaw kaw punya kalau aku jadi 'watak' utama dalam short cerpen dia tu. you guys can read them right here.

so i wanna talk about this.

what if one day, you marry with someone you love ((of course lah kan?)) & you live happily with them & suddenly they get sick & meninggal. now, you're single wife, husband, mom / dad. could you ever imagine that?

ugh even it hard tapi aku dah fikir dah benda ni. i know its written by Allah already. that's why i ask you guys, about the preparation & such. are you ready for that?

kena pulak cerita anak anak hangpa pulak pesen tak ambik port pasai hangpa sebab depa busy, lagi sedih kan? so starting from now what you guys need to do is taking a good care of your parents lah & Allah will reward your deeds.

kita buat kerja seikhlas mungkin & let Allah handle the rest. tawakal. okay?

hehe i'm kinda boring right now so thats why im update this entry. i think it nice to share something that make us think about the future. right?

"blessed is the man who found a girl that loves God more than him & blessed is the girl who found a man that waits for her & ask her from God"

take care. happy fasting (: x

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