chapter 20; God created me with love.

20 December 2010

I'm trying to improve my english


I'm trying to improve my english.

I always watching some cool videos from Maria Elena and Sue Anna. For me, they have advantages speak in Bahasa English. And I learned to speak a good foreign language from both of them. And their helping me a lot.

Besides, Google Translate also helping me a lot. I think you guys should try it too.

I also use a dictionary to find words that I do not understand, and again, its very helpful.

And do not be afraid to ask those who are good in this language. Embarrassed to ask, go astray. Hahahaha!

By the way, I hope this entry will help anyone who is less proficient in English.



Aweyn said...

practice a lots bcoz practice makes perfect.

way to go girl! :))

daniaaa said...

thanks :)

Lady not Gagap said...

aweyn ; yes. i'm trying. thanks for your support. :)

dania; for what honey? welcome :)