chapter 20; God created me with love.

18 October 2012

My birthday x


Happy. x

Thanks for all the wishes, the gift, the prays & the foods, of course. Truly appreciate it. Eventho I didn't get a wishes from my besties (mohon terasa), never mind, I'll used to it.

Hahaha I don't blame them, I'm hiding my date birthday on my facebook, people didn't know it. But 'some' people who really cares about me, they wish'd it for me. Thanks guys, I really really really appreciate it. I can't describe with my words like seriously.

Kak Eda give me a present, thanks. Mak Tam which is Kak Eda's mom masakkan laksa Kedah untuk aku. Woof sedap. Thank you so much.

Then petang tu mama balik belikan kek untuk aku, hehehe I'm happiest girl in le world. Thank you!

Taktau nak update apa lagi.

Thank you so much for all the wishes. May Allah bless us together!

Sikit ja, alhamdulillah syukur ada jugak yg ingat kan? Hehehe.

Oh btw, sorry @CikNajwaa & @natasharozi, duh, aku lupa favorites tweet depa. Huhuhu so sorry. I love both of you! =)

Take care. xx 


Shazana Samaluddin said...

lahai ada gambar kita. kiut habis. hahaha

Atyn Roslan said...

Kiut agat. Rasew cam nak giey-geyt.