chapter 20; God created me with love.

14 June 2012

A quick update!!

Assalammualaikum. Its already 2am and I'm still awake. I know its kinda late and i know this habit was not good for my health, never mind. Keep writing. Lulz~

As you guys know, aku sekarang mengikuti kelas menjahit & it really cool broh. Yes. No stress at all. Tapi ada jugak stress nya sebab owner kedai tu kurang prihatin bab kebersihan. It really annoys me, a lot. 

Yesterday i got a letter from Mara. Interview. For sure i won't miss this chance. So i decide to go for that interview and for God sake, i'm really nervous. Lol. Wish me luck guys. I'll go with my abah of course. Mama is busy. Sigh. Never mind, aku harap sangat interview tu berjalan lancar. Amin.

 Btw, i should sleep now. Esok ada farewell kat kedai jahit tu. My friend, Syafikah is going to Kelantan because she's got a job as a tailor. Yippi! Good luck babe. I'll miss you. Okay, i need to sleep.

Memang susah update on phone. See you soon. Take care sweethearts! Ttyl!

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